A review of our sauce from the Two Frys​. "The spicy kick from this sauce was just right and the ingredient profile comes through. Allen said "The taste is sublime with a very rich flavor and the perfect balance of heat"

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Here is what the Meatwave had to say about our sauce! "A very sweet brown sugar base balances well with an equal amount of heat while still allowing spices like garlic and onion to play a strong supporting role in this unique, multi-purpose sauce from Alaska"  "A winning combo both out of the jar and after being cooked"

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"Amazing flavor 10/10" "Umami has been captured and Bottled"

Mark Bly, www.trailsidegourmet.com, wrote a great article about Pam and the sauce. Yes the sauce was a big hit! "I give this my highest recommendation" "This sauce is nothing short of Genius" The article was published in the Alaska Coast Magazine for the June 2011 edition.
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People all over the world are falling in love with our award winning gourmet Umami sauces. Here's what some reviewers are saying! 

"This stuff is amazing"

"Heavenly on Seafood" "9/10 on flavor"